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Wow, you can totally write things here

Big (horizontally) person getting shrunk (vertically), or tiny (vertically) person growing a lot bigger (horizontally)? 

127 deviants said Make the tiny fat
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Warning: fat stuff, burping, some messy eating, and two girls who are really just very good friends with each other. Honest.

Maki side

Maki opened the door to the club room and surveyed the insides carefully. “Hahh… Looks like no one’s here…” she said, steadying her heavy breathing. She took a few cautious steps inside, feeling her hips brush up against the doorframe as she slipped by. “Ugh... I gotta lay off the snacks…” she mumbled, rocking slowly from left to right as she maneuvered herself into the room. Her careful concentration was thrown, however, when a sudden surprise came from behind.

“Waddle waddle waddle… God, you’ve gotten fat,” Nico said, grabbing a large handful of Maki’s many belly rolls that drooped from beneath her ill-fitting shirt. The mischievous girl’s slender fingers sunk deep into the plush yielding flab, like handling an enormous marshmallow.

“Wh-wha…?! C-cut it out!” Maki yelped in shock, twirling around to face the source of the sound, but failing to escape her senior’s probing hands. She shifted to the left, but at her current size, she had no hope of matching the smaller girl’s dexterity.

Nico grinned. She patted the flabby freshman’s wobbling rolls roughly, sending thick ripples that echoed from Maki’s double chin down to her cellulite-dotted thighs. “Look at you. You’re blowing up like a balloon, girl! How much longer ‘til those buttons burst?” Nico said, chuckling as her fingers kneaded the soft, wobbling lard of Maki’s belly. “I mean, bust them off again. Not like we could forget what happened last month!” she added with a laugh.

Maki’s face flushed nearly as dark as her crimson locks, her flabby cheeks aflame with recalled embarrassment. “I… I’m gonna lose weight!” she protested, trying to shield her heavy frame from Nico’s prying hands.

“Oh, really?” Nico said with a wry grin. The pigtailed idol’s fingers deftly slipped into the pockets of Maki’s jacket, a 5XL blue coat that was big enough to be a trenchcoat on any of the other members of μ’s. They pulled out several brightly colored candy bars, each of them marked with “FAMILY SIZE” in big block letters. “Candy bars taste real good though, don’t they?” Nico asked, smiling from ear to ear.

“I… I just… I get hungry, okay?!” Maki said, finally starting to regain her composure after Nico’s surprise assault. She averted her gaze from the smaller girl, muttering softly, “And… you’re the one who said it looks good on me…”

“It does!” Nico said cheerily, wrapping her arms as far around Maki as she could. Her slender arms sunk deep into the tubby teen’s waistline, pushing up her heaving breasts that bulged from beneath the tight white fabric of her shirt. “You make a really cute butterball, waddling your butt around,” she teased, shaking Maki’s wobbling bulk from side to side.

“I…! Y-you…!” Maki sputtered, at a loss for how to respond to Nico’s backhanded compliment. “G-gimme that candy bar!” she finally decided on, snatching the bar of chocolate from Nico’s hands with her sausage fingers. She ripped it open in what was obviously an oft-practiced motion, stuffing it into her jiggling jowls. The taste calmed her down, and she sighed, “Hff… Mmpph… Sho good…”

Nico smiled, her arms still sunk deep into Maki’s endless belly fat. “There you go, blubbergut. Soon we’ll have to widen the club room doors for you!” she said with a giggle.

“Mmph… Urrrp…” was all Maki said in reply, belching deeply as she grabbed for the second chocolate bar that Nico held out for her. Pulling herself away, she waddled over towards the large table in the center of the room, and sat down on the two chairs she pulled out for herself. Her cotton white panties, the size of a smaller girl’s t-shirt, spilled out from beneath her skirt and dropped over the sides of the chairs.

“Another, chubberbutt?” Nico teased again, holding out a pack of jumbo-sized peanut butter cups.

Maki grinned sheepishly, her chins quivering as she said, “M-maybe just… Hff… one more…”

Nico side

Hff… Finally! Where have you… Ngshlp… been? Did you… Hff… Get the shnacksh?” Nico said, wheezing heavily as she rifled through the large bag of potato chips with one hand. The enormous sacks of lard that her upper arms had become made it difficult to shove the handful of greasy snacks into her hungry maw, but she somehow managed, her biceps straining deep beneath the wobbling bags of fat that stretched her blazer skin-tight. Her chin fat, hanging below round cheeks large and bloated enough to invade her range of vision, jiggled softly as she chewed. “It’sh been nearly… Ngmphh… Ten minutesh!” the blobby teen sprayed, berating the tiny figure that walked through the door.

“Well jeez, so-rry,” said Maki, rolling her eyes and groaning. She held in each arm a half dozen or so heavily-loaded convenience store bags, each filled to the brim with potato chips, candy bars, and all manner of various junk food. “It wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t eat half the snacks aisle in a day,” said the redhead with a frustrated sigh.

“Maki! Do you want to… Hff… Beat A-rishe or not?!” squealed the enormous blob of a teen, pounding her fists and sending ripples throughout her immobile heap of a body. The jiggling waves shook up and down from her taut, bouncing cheeks, so fat they pushed up to her ears, all the way to the tip of her elephantine double belly, which rested on the floor easily several meters from her face. Nico was a pile of flab, with breasts that could each easily fill up a kiddie pool and a rear end the size of a minivan. She’d clearly had her clothes resized, as her exposed pink panties would be large enough to form a blanket on any other girl. Her other massively fattened arm was furiously typing on the laptop that had been balanced on her right breast, nimbly searching and filtering idol videos with instruction routines, competition footage, and other material of potential interest to a budding idol team.

Maki’s scowl remained unmoving as she walked over towards Nico and began to scale her jiggling bulk. The tiny freshman removed her shoes, first stepping up onto the blob’s useless legs that straddled her belly curtain. From there, she carefully made her way up onto Nico’s soft, heaving buttocks, working hard not to lose her balance as despite still having both hands filled with grocery bags. “What does A-rise have to do with any of this? Not like you’re going to be dancing any time soon…” she muttered, Nico’s doughy ass fat enveloping her sock-covered feet nearly up to the knees.

Nico tossed aside the now-empty bag with as much force as her encumbered arm could manage, letting it flutter to the floor. She turned her head as best she could to face Maki, barely managing a 45-degree angle as her many chins smushed down into each other. “I’m… Hff… doing reshearch!” she protested, sweat beginning to dampen her brow with the exertion of speaking.

“Research? What are you talking about?” Maki stole a quick glance at Nico’s computer screen, which was opened to a map search engine. “You’re just looking up the closest convenience stores…” Maki said with a sigh, kneeling down just behind Nico’s swollen upper arms. She set the bags down next to her and began to take out their contents for Nico, reaching over the flabby arm that easily weighed as much as Maki herself did.  

“T-took you long enough… Hff… Ngshlp…” Nico gasped and wheezed as she grabbed a chocolate bar and shoved it into her maw, swallowing it in one bite. It became clear that her previous rate of consumption was her showing considerable restraint, as now that she had more food than a single bag, she began to inhale every fattening treat that was put in front of her. Her pink sweater vest was large enough to function as a blanket for a smaller girl, but even so the buttons were stretched dangerously tight, barely holding on over her ever-swelling lard balloon of a body.

Maki pulled open the last bag of chips and set it down with the rest of the pile that Nico was steadily devouring like a starving pig. The reserved redhead laid down on her stomach just behind the blob’s shoulder, letting her chin rest on a plump roll of bulging back fat. Her feet kicked back and forth idly, bumping into the massive pink expanse of Nico’s tarp-sized panties that stretched over her rear. “Gosh, look how fat you are,” Maki said in a whisper, more to herself than to Nico. “I could use you as a bed, you’re so big…” A smile crept onto her face, despite herself.

“Yeah, well… Nggmpphh… Don’t get… Urrpp… Too comfortable,” Nico said with a mouthful of sticky chocolate and potato chips. Her cheeks were so plumped with fat that they were nearly perfectly round, soft pillows of chub that nestled perfectly in the bowl of her uppermost neck roll. Crumbs sprinkled from her smacking jaw down her layers of chins, dusting the flab with a light covering of salt and chip residue. “You’re going… Nglp… Out again shoon!” she sprayed.

“Yeah, yeah…” Maki said patronizingly, wiping the greasy crumbs from Nico’s fleshy pancake-stack of a neck. She couldn’t help but grin at Nico’s still-remaining bossiness, despite her total dependence in remaining fed at all hours of the day. “Wouldn’t want such a big girl angry at me, would I now?” Maki asked, rubbing the taut blue fabric of Nico’s jacket. The sleeves looked like the casings of two sausages that had been filled with far too much meat, ready to split wide open, and they creaked and groaned as Nico roughly crammed her face.

“That’sh… Ngmplhh… Right!” the pile of idol flab replied defiantly, grabbing another handful of corn chips from the pile.

Maki allowed herself a moment to just watch Nico eat. The redhead couldn’t help but do anything she could to stay in that moment, to keep Nico eating as much as she wanted to – she just looked so happy. Maybe that was what had gotten them into this mess, she thought.

“Oh well…” Maki said, planting a kiss on the bouncing curve of Nico’s jowls. “Best get you some more snacks, eh?”

Nico blushed ever so slightly, almost too faint to notice through the greasy smears. “Y-yeah!” she sputtered. “A-and make sure you get something a bit more… Hff… Substantial this time!”

Maki chuckled softly, and pinched Nico’s cheek, her fingers nearly enveloped by her overabundance of soft, pale flesh. “Anything for my little piggy,” she said, blushing back at Nico.
The two sides of maki/nico (lovelive wg)
I like both of these in either role, so I decided to write both perspectives of this relationship.

The Nico side is heavily inspired by Sunny's Nico pic.

Anyway, hope you guys like it, it's a little more cutesy than some of my other recent stuff.    
im not sure if google knows my search history or this fanbase is just that perverted but why are these the first search results for "peridot"
Peridot Search by edge-lord666
okay I watched all of steven universe now someone tell me how to make fat gems

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Warning: Bravely default spoilers, intense stuffing, some slob elements, popping.

“What… what on earth is that thing?!” Agnes Oblige said, covering her mouth as she recoiled in shock. Her hair flipped about wildly as though caught in a storm, but the unnatural wind was much stronger than anything the open desert could throw at them.

Every other member of their group looked just as bewildered. “I think… I think that’s Airy!” said Edea Lee, the hothead of the group. Her look of disbelief soon shifted to sizzling anger, and she jabbed her finger out as she shouted, “I knew it… I knew there was something weird about you!”

The bloated caterpillar-like creature, a horrible pile of twisted flesh and feet, laughed and screeched in a hideous echoing voice, “Hahaha! That’s right! Master Ouroborus has granted me this power, energy beyond measure! Can you feel it, mortals?” The beast twisted and shook, flexing its muscles.

The magical waves of energy that poured off of it pushed the party back, leaving them unable to do anything. “It’s… too much…!” Tiz said, struggling to stand straight as he leaned heavily into the gale.

“What do you want, foul beast?!” cried Ringabel, stretching out his arms and nearly losing his balance.

In a flash, the terrifying monster vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving in its place only their tiny companion, the little fairy Airy. Her bone-white perfectly straight hair shimmered gracefully, a stark contrast from the frazzled messes that sat atop the heads of the four humans present. She wore a smug expression on her face, putting her hands on her hips as she said, “I’m glad you asked! You all had better start listening to what I say, if you know what’s good for you!”

“Mgrgrgr… Why you little…” Edea grumbled, taking a few heavy steps across the shifting sands towards where the pixie floated.

Agnes quickly stopped her, grabbing her by the shoulder. “Edea, no! Who… who knows what she might do to you!” she said, a frightened look on her face as she struggled to process how their trusted guide could possibly hide such a terrible secret.

Airy’s tiny smile grew even wider. “That’s right! You might want to take her advice, blondie!” she cackled.

Edea gritted her teeth as she hissed, “Mgrgr… You’re damn near blonde, too…!”

Tiz swallowed hard. “I don’t know… What you are, exactly, but let’s hear your demands, monster!” he said, summoning all of his courage.

Apparently unfazed at the offhanded insult, Airy said giddily, “You’re all going to help me stockpile energy… Energy for master Ouroborus’s arrival!”

All four members of the grouped exchanged quizzical glances, but the meaning of Airy’s demand would soon become clear.

Urrrppp… No more of the ice cream, slave. Throw the rest away,” Airy said with a wave of her hand. She sat in the center of Edea’s palm, having just finished lazily licking at the ice cream cone that her “slave” held out for her. More than half of the dessert had been eaten by the tiny pixie, quickly enough that it had barely even melted, and her diminutive belly pooched out beneath her white one-piece dress.

“Th-throw it away?!” Edea said, shocked and hiding it very poorly. “You only ate half of it… C-couldn’t I just…” she said, but was quickly cut off by the pudgy pixie.

“I said throw it out, slave!” she said, but despite her frustrated tone she was clearly delighted at the opportunity to flex the power that she held over Edea. “Throw it out… and get me another. I desire chocolate this time!” The pixie licked her lips clean of the remains of the sticky treat.

“Th-throw away… ice cream…” Edea sputtered, looking utterly despondent as she stared at the half-eaten cone.

“I-I’ll go get it for you, Edea,” Tiz said, trying to bolster Edea’s spirits. A week of watching Airy toss out her uneaten food – which, as the pixie fattened up, had grown to be a smaller proportion of what she requested overall – had done quite a number on Edea’s mental health, and Airy clearly knew it. “Chocolate, right, uh… master?” Tiz asked the white-haired elemental, who was now massaging her bulging gut with both hands, a contented expression on her face.

“Yes, and make it quick, boy!” Airy cried haughtily. She turned back to look at Edea, again saying, “Did you hear me? I said to throw it out!”

“O-okay…” Edea said, desperate sadness with a faint undercurrent of anger coursing just behind her eyeballs, making them puffy and red. She dutifully dumped the remains of the cone into a nearby trashcan, watching it fall like an old friend tumbling from a cliff while powerless to help.

Agnes, wringing her hands at being unable to assuage Edea’s obvious consternation, asked again, “W-what purpose does this serve, exactly, Airy?”

Airy burped at an incredible volume for one of such a tiny size, expelling a hot cloud of gas from her bloated gut. “That’s… HffMaster to you, slave!” Airy declared, breathing deep in relief at the extra room in her belly. She’d insisted on this form of address since they agreed to her terms, and none of them dared to challenge her. “And you don’t need to worry about what this is for, leave the orders to me, alright?”

“A-alright…” Agnes mumbled, not sure of what else to say.

In the time since the group had submitted as Airy’s “slaves”, the fairy had done little more than command them around various food stalls, stuffing her face as much as she could. At first she’d been only able to fit in part of a hot dog, or a few licks from an ice cream cone, or a couple spoonfuls of soup, but the pixie had an incredible ability to adapt, it seemed, and the size of her meals grew exponentially. For example, the treat she’d just been eating was only a small ice cream cone, but half of it was enough to stuff a six-inch-tall being to the brim, her belly churning and wobbling beneath her outfit. To no one’s surprised, she’d started to become fat, with her dress stretched tight around her hips, and her rear spreading out more over Edea’s hand, her favorite perch.

When Tiz got back, Edea was unhappily busy giving a belly massage to the pampered pixie, who reclined back against Edea’s wrist with her eyes closed.

The impulsive blonde’s face lit up, however, when she saw what Tiz had brought. “…Tiz! You didn’t! You shouldn’t have!” she said delightedly, noting that he’d brought two cones instead of one.

Tiz blushed, averting his gaze as he offered one of the cones to Edea, and held the other cone out for Airy. “Ah, it’s nothing… no big deal…” he said, but his bashful interlude was rudely interrupted.

“Two? For me, slave? Ah, how… Urrrppp… kind of you!” Airy said, stealing an evil glance at Edea’s horrified expression.

The “slave” slowly shook her head, horrified. “N-no, you… you can’t…” she mumbled, her mind racing to find a rebuttal, but turning up nothing.

“Oh, how terribly unfair!” Ringabel said theatrically, but was ignored by all.

“Y-you can’t! You’ll never be able to finish it all!” Edea said, her headstrong nature getting the better of her as she argued with Airy.

Of course, this struggle was perhaps the only thing Airy wanted more than the ice cream. “Oh, I can’t? We’ll just see about that, won’t we, slave?” she said with an evil glint in her eye. “I’ll show you just how much I can eat for master Ouroborus!”

To Edea’s eventual dismay, roughly half an hour later, both cones were gone, sucked into the bloated form of one very full little pixie.

Airy’s dietary habits improved little over the following weeks. It wasn’t long at all before the fairy was more or less permanently grounded, an obese little tub of lard constantly perched a a palm or a pillow carried with both hands. She quickly moved on to entire human-sized meals, eating multiple drumsticks of fried chicken at a time, or an entire hamburger slathered with mayonnaise on her better days. As she never fed herself, nor walked anywhere, every last bit of what she ate turned to fat on her diminutive body.

In under a month, the little bossy girl was the right size and shape to pass off as a water balloon, her belly and rear of a sufficient size to snugly fill up the entirety of a human hand. “Urrpp… Hff… Let’sh get ishe cream, shlave,” she said, her bulbous double chin quivering as she belched out her next order. A hot bubbling fart slipped out from Airy’s backside and warmed Agnes’s palm, and all in the group pinched their noses. Airy’s digestive indiscretions had quite a stench – it was a terrible miracle just how incredibly bad such a tiny thing could make herself smell. The lardy brat released her gasses when and where she felt like, and seemed to even take a sick pleasure in watching the look of disgust that appeared on the faces of others.

“You just had ice cream! I want pasta!” Edea quickly shot back. As Airy had gotten fatter and lazier, she’d grown lax in her restrictions on how she was to be addressed. Edea regularly openly argued with her, though Airy still held her trump card, and they would always end up doing as she said.

Airy’s stomach grumbled angrily before the fat fairy herself could. “N-no! Urrrppp… Do not… Hff… cross me! We’re… nggh… going to ice cream!” she said, her voice punctuated by myriad gasps and groans as her overworked digestive tract struggled to process the load.

“Edea…” Agnes said, worry on her face as she strained to support the tiny lump of blubber.

“…Fine… Mgrgr…” Edea grumbled. The princess-in-exile was not exactly slim herself, either – weeks of being around such a horrendous little glutton had pushed Edea to give into her own impulse to overeat, and her softened rear shook from side to side as they headed towards the ice cream stall.

Airy sighed comfortably, reclining and letting her doughy flab ooze between Agnes’s fingers. The fat fairy’s mound of a body bounced and shook from side to side as she was carried around. Her dress was little more than a bra at this point, and though her breasts had grown very little – especially in comparison to her tremendous sack of a belly – they were still bloated with fat enough to strain the fabric to its utmost. “Ahh… I think I’ll have… Urrppp… Four cones this time,” she said, stroking her blanket-like gut.

“You eat that much, and you’re gonna pop!” Edea said, not mentioning that she’d probably be eating at least four cones herself.

“Mind your own… urrpp… business, slave,” Airy said, dismissing her.

Agnes turned to the two men of the group and asked, “Tiz… Ringabel… I’m sorry, but I think we may be a bit short on finances… could you…?”

Ringabel nodded, replying for the both of them. “Of course! I could never leave such beautiful women in distress,” he said with a bow.

“We’ll go knock out a few monsters and be back in no time. Though it really seems like an awful waste of cash…” Tiz added.

“I know… we have to do something…” Agnes mumbled uncomfortably.

“What you can do is get me my damn ice cream! Do you slaves want to get wiped out or something?!” Airy screeched, sweat beginning to bead on her miniature forehead.

“Don’t forget mine too!” Edea added hastily.

Tiz looked at the two of them, flabbergasted. “Wait… Edea’s not coming…?” he said with a dejected sigh. Edea entirely ignored his whimpering complaint, much to his chagrin. With no other recourse left to him, he picked himself up, and turned to his partner in ice-cream fetching. “Okay then… Let’s go, Ringabel…”

“Away!” Ringabel said, seemingly enjoying the chivalry of it all.

Agnes looked down at the tiny farting blob of a fairy that filled up her palm. The lardy brat was picking a cleft of her chin for lingering smears of that day’s lunch, totally oblivious to the hardship of the group. The greedy, fat fairy seemed to care about nothing but herself and her own appetite.

And it was then that a plan came to Agnes, and she knew how they would get rid of Airy once and for all.

Urrrp… Hngg… Hff… I ashked for… Nglp… Seven conesh…” Airy wheezed, fighting for breath as her lungs strained against the taut balloon of her stomach.

Agnes smiled, her voice almost eerily calm. “Oh, I know, master, but they were having a twelve-for-seven sale, and it seemed such a waste…!” the vestal of the wind said, spitting out a bald-faced lie.

The remains of ten ice cream cones sat strewn about the table next to Airy’s engorged form, and the remaining two hovered in front of her, one in each of Agnes’s outstretched hands. “I… Ngff… Don’t know if…” Airy said, her porcelain face turning a peculiar shade of greenish-white as she looked at the two desserts. Her chins wobbled like two overfilled water balloons, obscuring her view of the comparatively gigantic desserts.

“If you don’t want ‘em, I’ll… Urrpp… take ‘em!” Edea called from a chair at the table. She’d already finished her twelve cones, and was contentedly licking her fingers clean of the sticky mess that covered them. Her double chin shook happily beneath her jawline as she watched Airy squirm.

“N-no! Urrrrppp… G-give them here, Hff… Shlave!” Airy said, opening her mouth wide. The miniature girl was a food-packed orb, soft and squishy on the surface but constantly stuffed to the brim beneath. Her tiny hands and feet stuck out uselessly on bloated limbs, and she was entirely dependent on the group to feed her – not that Airy minded, as she’d long since given up feeding herself, even when she was capable of reaching her own mouth. Agnes dutifully brought the dessert to the greedy blob’s lips for her to eat. “All for… Ngshlp… Mashter Ouro… Urrppp… Borush,” she said as she began to swallow in large gulps. Her insides creaked and churned, forcing out a foul fart with a high squeaking sound from Airy’s tiny rear entrance.

Despite her obvious discomfort, the pixie still ate with frightening speed, and the ice cream vanished quickly. “Right, right… Of course, master,” Agnes nodded as she set aside the wrapper of the first cone and held out the second one. She gently rubbed Airy’s nearly-spherical gut, easing along the digestion for the fairy who ate meals too big for most humans. Airy did not notice as Agnes delicately poked around the elemental’s belly, feeling around to see just how taut she’d grown and how much more she could take. Seeing that there was still the slightest bit of give, Agnes smiled and said, “Would you care for another, master?”

Urrpp… No… Hff… no more!” Airy wheezed, quickly shaking her head from left to right. The flab that had taken the place of her neck jiggled and wobbled furiously as she protested. “Do not… Urrpp… dare bring another before me!” she said, sounding almost terrified as she gasped for breath. Her flabby body gurgled and rumbled, periodic bursts of gas escaping from both ends of the horrendously overfilled fat little fairy. She was an absolute mess, stains and stretch marks streaking across her bloated mess of a body in equal measure. Her dress was gone entirely, letting the tiny pillows of her breasts flop out over the dome of her gut, and her chins bulged in rings about her face like the edges of a stack of wobbling, fluffy pancakes.

“Tch,” Agnes said, clicking her tongue quietly. She’d underestimated just how stretchy the tiny girl could be. But there would always be more time, she reminded herself.

“Ugh… Guess I’ll just have to get some more for myself…” Edea muttered as she stood up and waddled slowly away.

Ringabel’s trademark suave tone lost most of whatever class it held when he was out of breath. “Hah… My dear ladies… Hahhh… I must ask you… Hahhh…” he said, hands on his knees and sweat pouring from his nose. “I must ask… Haahhh… Whether it is truly necessary… Hahhh… In such trying times…” he wheezed, his diction shockingly devoid of urgency despite his exhausted state.

Tiz finished his sentence, the air coming back to his lungs first. “Do we really need to buy this much stuff?!” the young man asked, looking around at the platters and trays that sat all over the room they’d rented at the local inn. “We’re fighting monsters non-stop, and it’s getting kind of tiring…” he said, his look apologetic but firm.

“Yeah but… Ngmph… You’re leveling up! Think of it ash itsh own… Nglp reward,” Edea said as she took a bite from the large pasta bowl that sat in front of her. Sauce dribbled from her first chin onto her second and third as she pushed the bowl aside and reached into a deep fold of her double belly to scratch an errant itch. The ex-princess had blimped up quickly, with a wobbling rear end that spilled over the sides of the chair she sat on and a round, plump face that made her comical outbursts even more hysterically toothless. She’d kept up with Airy plate-for-plate, though perhaps being able to maintain pace with a heavily obese human said more about Airy’s current state than Edea’s.

Agnes bowed by way of apology and said to Tiz, “I… I know, I know…” she said, a guilty look on her face. She couldn’t help but smile, however, as she added in a whisper, “but… It’s just for a little while longer, okay?” The vestal winked and gestured towards Airy where she sat on the bed.

“Huh…?” Tiz said, and looked at their “master”.

Airy hardly noticed this exchange, nearly catatonic with the onslaught of her constant consumption. “Urrp… I… Hff… I require… Ngff… Shushtenanshe…” the tiny girl sputtered, catching Agnes’s attention that Tiz and Ringabel had commanded. The bloated brat hadn’t been fed in nearly five minutes, and she was getting hungry.

“Oh, of course, master,” Agnes said dotingly as she flitted over towards the bed. She slipped a funnel into Airy’s waiting lips, pushing it down between her massive bloated cheeks that nearly covered her food-hole, and began to pour a pitcher of chocolate sauce into the gluttonous fairy.

Nglp… Nglp…” Airy suckled at the tip, a squeaky fart blasting from her other side. Small wonder, with how amazingly packed full she was. Airy ate all hours of the day and night, requiring them to take shifts feeding her. Though she certainly hadn’t lost weight, her shape was neither droopy nor flabby, but rather exceedingly round, and taut. Airy bulged outwards as she drank, a tiny food-balloon growing rounder by the minute. She was easily three feet across, a thin layer of fat padding wrapped over a set of tremendously overstretched innards. Her arms and feet were almost entirely worthless at this point, serving only to tell Agnes when to stop with a furious flapping of her hands, long past any real range of movement. The little globular girl soon began to do this with great fervor, her fat-heavy fingers thumping against the cushioned exterior of her drum-tight gut. “Pffaaahh… Ngff… Urrrrrrrrppppp,” Airy wheezed, belching loudly as the funnel was removed.

At last, Tiz grasped the thrust of Agnes’s plan. She’d hinted at it here and there, he realized – but he was never known for being quick on the uptake. “Oh… Oh! Well… alright then…” he said, understand washing over him like a cool wave in the ocean. He mulled the plan over in his mind for a moment. It certainly seemed like a good way to deal with the problem – if they didn’t make her angry, then she wouldn’t turn back into that horrible monster form. And while most creatures would have the wherewithal to stop themselves before they ate too much, Airy had a decidedly hungrier personality than most.

Urrppp… Ngshh… Hff… M-more… N-need… Gfff… drink,” she gasped, even as her innards roiled to process everything she ate. Airy was a horribly greedy little ball of flab, and Agnes knew just how to play it to her advantage.

“Oh, of course!” Agnes said with a broad grin as everything went just according to her plan. “Tiz, would you mind helping me lift master and bring her to the cream tank?” asked the priestess.

“Uh… s-sure…” Tiz mumbled, unsure of whether he was even really fit for the task. Airy was so bloated that she reached nearly the height of a small child, and she was even bigger horizontally than she was vertically. On top of that, he’d seen what a mess she could make if her bowels were disturbed in the wrong way… still, he walked close to the tiny ball of a girl, positioning himself on the other side of Agnes and placing one hand on either side of Airy. His fingers sunk in just a bit through the softened outer layer, but soon met rigid resistance.

“Don’t you… Hfff… Even think about… Guh… Trying anything!” Airy said, panting as a loud fart that sounded like a zipper coming undone escaped from her rear.

“Oh no, never!” Agnes said, and together they gently lifted the taut greedy ball of pixie pudge from her resting spot.

Ngf… Don’t you… Urrrppp… drop me!” she squealed, her hands flapping madly as they struggled to carry her towards the large tank that sat against the far wall. Airy was fatter than the ripest watermelon and twice as liable to splatter wide open were she to slip from their grasp. The irony that such a comically overfed fairy was risking so much just for another meal was sadly lost on the brat.  

“Don’t drink it all, I’m… urrpp… shtill thirshty,” Edea said, belching loudly as she finished off the last bit of her pasta. Once at the forefront of Airy’s feeding crew, she’d rapidly become her lazy competitor in horizontal growth, with a belly that sagged to her knees and greatly weakened flatulence control.

“You’re supposed to be helping…” Agnes muttered quietly, so Edea couldn’t hear. Even a priestess of the crystal had limits to her patience.

Ngghh… Hurry up, I’m… Urrp... Shtarving here!” Airy whined as she was eased down onto a large, soft pillow that sat next to the large metal tank. This tank was a major investment that the group had made in keeping Airy well-fed, a fifty-gallon tank that was constantly filled with heavy sweetened cream. In a seemingly impossible feat of gluttony, Airy often managed to drain the entire tank in a matter of days.

A few moments later, the tiny tip of the hose was in Airy’s mouth, and she was suckling furiously, her taut ball of a body inexorably stretching outwards in all directions.

Agnes took a damp cloth and began wiping down every inch of Airy’s swollen mass, gently poking and prodding at times and being scolded with a harsh, foul blast of gas. “That’s it, master…” she whispered, feeling Airy’s innards grow more and more resistant to her touch.

But Airy was having none of it. She would show them, show them all – what exactly she was trying to show was not clear, but a fierce look of starving determination was written on the rotund pixie’s jiggling cheeks as she suckled from the hose, growing bigger and bigger.

“Should we not… stop her…?” Ringabel said, several steps behind the other members of the group as usual.

Agnes shook her head. “Ringabel, we should not presume to know master’s desires,” she said sweetly, running a finger through the deep folds of Airy’s many chins. The little fat balloon’s body was creaking and groaning now, more than half the tank drained into her swelling form. On any ordinary day, she would have stopped by now – but not today.

Nglp… Nglp…” Airy swallowed again and again, thin slivers of red stretch marks appearing on her drum-tight skin. The formerly yielding flesh of her flabby body was tightening up, stretched too far by her insatiable hunger. The tiny glutton ballooned wider and rounder than she’d ever been before, growing big enough to cover the couch-cushion sized pillow that she sat upon. Her miniature hands, drawn into the engorged globe of her body, clenched into tiny fists as a deep groaning sound began to emanate from inside Airy.

Edea let out a throaty belch as she reached for her fifth bowl of pasta that afternoon. “You eat that much and you’ll… Mpph… ekshplode, you shtupid brat!” said the tubby princess, spraying alfredo sauce down her front.

Agnes shot Edea a look that said “Shut up and eat your dinner!”, but it didn’t seem to matter. Airy continued undeterred, and was already nearly finished with the whole tank in just a matter of minutes.

Nglp… Ngff… Ngshlp…” she gurgled and slurped from the hose, constantly farting at varying tunes and volumes as her digestive tract desperately strained to fit everything into the little pixie. Her face was a twisted mix of pain and pleasure as she was tormented by her unbelievable fullness. The low rumbling and groaning grew louder, like an approaching storm over the sea.

“This is it…” Tiz mumbled, bracing himself.

“Keep going, master…” Agnes said, gently stroking the taut curve of Airy’s front.

Finally, it happened. “Pffaaahhh… There… Ngff… We go…! Hnggrk…” Airy gasped as she spat out the hose, the tank entirely and completely drained. She had swelled to nearly twice as wide as she was before, big enough to fit Agnes’s entire height from one drum-tight side to the other. Her tiny hands contently thumped against the sides of her body, and the pained expression gradually dissolved. “Told you… Ngfff… I… Urrrpp… could!” she said defiantly, her jaw struggling to find the room to speak against the bloated curve of her gut.

Agnes’s face darkened with dismay. If Airy could fit all this and still be okay – well, relatively okay – then what hope did they have of ever being rid of her?

It was just then that Edea spoke up. “Hey, nice urrrpp… work! Want a cookie?” the widest member of their main party said, and before anyone registered what she was doing, she tossed a small chocolate-chip cookie over towards Airy’s engorged form. It flipped and twirled in the air, landing with a soft thump right in front of the fairy’s bloated face.

Everyone in the room held their breath as Airy eyed the cookie. The massively swollen fairy looked almost afraid, like seeing a snake’s maw just a few millimeters from her lips. But the tiny glutton was entirely out of control, and her mouth moved before her equally-tiny brain could stop her. “G-gimme!” she squealed, and grabbed at it with her teeth. She managed to take a few messy bites, when the rumbling sound grew louder again. “Ngg… C-can’t…” she moaned. For a moment it looked like she was about to transform into her awful monstrous form, and smite them for their insolence, but it was too late.

Airy’s taut ball of a body exploded with a thumping, wet boom, knocking back Tiz and Agnes with the immense force of all she had packed within her. Food mess splattered the floor and walls all around her, and no recognizable bit of her body was left from the powerful blast. In an instant, the source of all of the group’s troubles was gone, done in by her own unflagging greed.

“We… we did it!” Agnes said as she recovered, a brief flash of guilt giving way to unbridled joy.

Tiz, still lying on the ground, reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. “No, you did it Agnes! That was a great idea!”

Ringabel nodded, unflappable despite having a large chunk of half-digested cake dripping down his chest. “Indeed, a masterful plan, my lady! I never imagined that this would be your goal!” he said, and bowed deeply.

“Gimme some credit here! I gave her the… Urrrppp… cookie!” Edea said with a sour look on her face. The princess was kneading her doughy gut with one hand while reaching for another bite of pasta with the other, and seemed totally unfazed by the mess all over the room.

Agnes’s lips wrinkled as she turned her attention to Edea. “…I think we might need to have a little chat, Edea…”

Ngrk…” Edea gurgled, a shameful look on her jiggling cheeks as everyone looked at her soft, doughy form. She'd gotten far too fat for adventuring, so big that her buttocks threatened to envelop the chair that she sat upon and her belly button was deep enough to swallow a hand all the way up to the elbow. A soft fart escaped her bottom, as if to confirm her guilt. “Uh… Maybe I could cut back to just ten cones a day? Ehehehe...“ she giggled sheepishly, but could immediately tell from Agnes's reproving gaze that she’d need to make some changes to her diet.
A greedy fairy gets what she wants (BD: FF)
Well, I know I've written Airy before, but holy shit she's just so much fun to bully. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one.            
Congratulations to the winners (looks like two people got it at the same time, because deviantart can serve the same page twice).

I'll be contacting those who got it and writing the stories soon.


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